Test Kit for Borax in Food

Model:Test kit for Borax in Food
Description:Test kit for Borax in Food

Test Kit for Borax in Food is used in salf food quality care for testing Borax in food. Consumption of borax-contaminated food is health hazard. According to the Ministry of Public Health’s Act No.151 (B.E.2536), borax is prohibited to use in food. Therefore, the Department of Medical Sciences has developed this kit for consumers to test borax in food, with fast and reliable result.

Test kit for Borax in Food

Test kit for Borax in Food


Health impact of Borax:

Toxic to Kidney

Irritation in gastrointestinal tract

15 grams of borax for adults or 5 grams for children can cause hematemesis (blood vomiting) and death

Target sample of test kit for borax:

Meat and meat products (chopped pork,  minced fish, fish cake, meat ball, fresh pork, sausage, ect…) preserved fruits, and local desserts.

Sensitivity of test Kit for borax in Food:

Detection limit: 100 mg/kg

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