One, Two, Three, Four.Optimized.

A Unique 4-Reagent, Xylene-Free Process

Milestone has redesigned the century old , traditional 12-14 step tissue processing paradigmand created a 4-step,4-reagent , xylene-free process. This unique process improves quality, increases efficiency, simplifies labor demands, and reduces cost. All of which helps you help the   patient.

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10% NBFor                  100% Ethanol            99%Isopropanol        Paraffin

 other fixative

4-Reagent Processing Benefits

Compatible with all IHC protocols and workflow needs


  • Xylene exposure during reagent maintenance and disposal


  • Reagent and wax usage (once a month wa xchange)
  • TAT with greater processing flexibility
  • Total Cost of Ownership over life of instrument


  • Cutting quality of embedded sections
  • Reliability and performance of instrument


  • Throughput and 100% uptime (no cleaning required between run cycles,in dual mode)
  • Breast tissue fixation through extended overnight fixationstep

Example:Ours tandard 5mm breast protocol,when scheduled to complete by 6am,provides 6 full hours of agitated fixationwhen started at 6pm the prior evening.

Our unique 4- reagent, xylene-free process is optimized with all of our power management options:

 Conventional  Traditional resistant heating

 Microwave     Dynamic PID temperature control

 Hybrid             Combined Conventional Microwave temperature control


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4-Step Conventional Reagent Process vs. 12-StepTraditional Conventional Process Times (VIP, ASP300, and Excelsior)

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Our unique4-reagent,xylene-free process is optimized for traditional resistant heating.

4-Step Optimization for all Tissue Types and Thicknesses

Size:              Biopsy   •   Surgical   •   Fullorgan

Type:             Derm  •   Breast  •   GI  •   Prostate  •   Brain

Thickness:    Standard (1-5mm) and Super-Mega (1-14mm)  cassettes

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