Model:LOGOS - Milestone
Description:Hoàn toàn tự động. Với 140/210/300 cassettes, 24 SuperMega cassette


The first all-in-one hybrid tissue processor. The ideal tool for the “lean” lab. Automated hybrid tissue processor for improved laboratory workflow:

  •  Rapid on demand processing: 49 minutes for needle biopsies (fixation included)
  •  High productivity: up to 600 cassettes in Dual processing modality, up to 300 cassettes in automated processing modality.
  •  No limits in specimen thickness; up to 8 mm thickness preset protocols
  •  Processing flexibility:

              1. Automated processing in overnight and rapid mode.

              2. Dual processing in continuous rapid batch mode.

              3. Conventional processing in overnight mode.

  • Loading flexibility: Standard cassettes, Mega and Supermega cassettes
  • Xylene and xylene-free protocols, Formalin and Formalin-free protocols
  • Double cavity system (with a dedicated wax impregnation cavity): two batches in parallel processing, no cleaning cycle needed.
  • Quick reagent exchange procedure.
  • Isolated and vented working area with charcoal and dust filters.
  • Easy, intuitive and icon driven software with more than 400 pre-stored programs.
  • Use of any commercial available reagents tanks.
  • Remote diagnostic system, through Internet. Milestone customer support can access to Logos unit and provide a more timely and accurate support.
  • SafeMode procedure: tissue protection procedure in case of power failure.

Resistance heating mode

The LOGOS can operate as a conventional resistance heated overnight tissue processor: its processing parameters can be set to fit your specific workflow requirements.

Simultaneous microwave and resistance heating mode

Ultra-rapid dehydration/clearing steps are carried out by microwave heating technology for faster turnaround. The retort’s resistance heating speeds up the ramp up time to the pre-set processing temperature.

 LOGOS advantages

  • Fully automated processing in overnight and rapid mode
  • Parallel processing in continuous flexible-size batch mode
  • Up to 140 cassettes with 1 gallon standard reagent containers
  • Up to 210 cassettes with 5 liter reagent jars
  • Any type of tissue, up to 6 mm thickness
  • Unmatched processing times
  • Green, safe and economical: no transfer of reagents to tanks

4-Step Optimization for all Tissue Types and Thicknesses

  • Size: Biopsy • Surgical • Full organ
  • Type: Derm • Breast • GI • Prostate • Brain
  • Thickness: Standard (1-5mm) and Super-Mega (1-14mm) cassettes

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