The dialogue with the GS. Harald Zur Hausen, 2008 Nobel Prize in Medicine (12/04/2012)

Harald zur Hausen , 2008 Nobel Prize in Medicine in the University Lecture Hall , City University of Medicine and Pharmacy . HCM . This is one of the activities of a series of events ” Bridges – dialogues towards peace ” ( Bridges ) in Vietnam by the International Peace Foundation and the Ministry of Education and Training organization .

Attending the dialogue , in the presence of Prof. Chau Ngoc Hoa – Vice Principal , Head of the Medical School , the Teacher Leadership and leader of the International Fund for Peace , which the Board of Medicine dean , the professor has many achievements in research as GS . Kiet Truong Dinh , GS . Sao Trung Nguyen , GS . Nguyen Thanh Bao , GS . Le Quan Laboratory ; Chairman of the Board and have the Department faculty , medical students and postgraduate trainees .

GS Harald(2)

Professor zur Hausen received the Nobel Prize for Medicine in 2008 while working at the German Cancer Institute in Heidelberg for his discovery that human papillomavirus ( HPV : strains 16 and 18 ) that cause cancer the cervix in women . This discovery has helped scientists find a vaccine to prevent the disease cin match .

The dialogue was very formal and academic . GS . Harald zur Hausen was briefly presented the research process , research and the significant accomplishments achieved . Professor exchanged with program participants ” Cancer is a global challenge ” .

Join the dialogue , professors , lecturers and students of the School was organized around questions to important discoveries about the HPV virus that causes cervical cancer , and other cancers , on subject and object vaccinated national vaccination program for cervical cancer prevention , and future research directions about other agents that can cause cervical cancer . GS . Kiet Truong Dinh concern ask a question ” how to train young researchers to become good researchers for the country .” Professor zur Hausen shared idea is : in a certain period after formal training , encourage and enable young researchers to pursue , testing the idea of ​​” original ” and kept for research their own . Perhaps scientists should make for large studies , these findings have important later . For questions about medical training model of clinical learning , by doing undergraduate research , Professor answer these models vary by country , depending on the school. Schools have spent some time in training for student research and find out the results ; besides encouraging clinical scientific research . Professor said that a recently graduated doctor should take about 2-3 years to carry out research first . This will be useful later .

The dialogue ended in a playful atmosphere and prospects .

(Source : University of Medicine and Pharmacy, Ho Chi Minh City )

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